Saturday, 27 December 2014

Becoming a Yoga teacher really messed up my life. This is my resume after one year.

Becoming a Yoga teacher really messed up my life. This is my resume after one year. I wanted a change, I got a makeover instead. Was this what I wanted?

And it comes down to this:

1. There are no weekends anymore.
2. 90 % of the supermarket shelves have become empty.
3. No clothes fit anymore.
4. I work more than 65 hours a week.
5. I don't wear shoes.
6. I am official over wired.

You might wonder if there is still life and yes there is.

Since the Ashram my inner clock is working like a Swiss made one but without a day timer for Saturdays and Sundays. Who had that idea? Every morning I get up at the same time and if I don't, my body starts to stretch in bed and drags me on my math. Sometimes I don't know how I came there. So no late nights and no long sleeps. And please don't talk to me before my sun salutations :).

Where has all the food gone? All of a sudden I stopped counting calories but instead I became very aware of what I ate  and the impact that the food on my body had, not only physically but mentally as well. When you see the food as what really is neither a sorrow killer nor a legal drug nor a supplement for life but a nourishment for your body, then you become aware of the ingredients and most of the food vanishes from your plate. And a whole new world opens. There are so many great things to eat out there so that the sift to vegetarian and now even vegan is an exiting every day journey. Ever tried a green smoothie? And yes you still can go to Starbucks they have a vegan chai tea with soy milk, and there a even vegan hot dogs and  burgers out there. The only obstacle left with that, is the energy level you get from that. The only thing missing to my happiness is a vegan chocolate cake so please share a recipe. 

Losing weight without sweating is possible. Yoga balanced my weight beautifully with all the Asanas for the glands and the inner organs and the best thing is my muscles do not ache as with the gym before. So all my clothes are to big now and there was and still is a lot of shopping going on. But who does not love shopping.

Remember as a child you had this huge energy when you played or had your own little project. I discovered that energy source again. So I still have my "normal job" but also my yoga studio and now a fusion with an artist for an yoga and art project named yogarten. And the funny thing is I have more energy than before. There is this fire in me to share Yoga that helps me keep going and also that inner stillness that keeps me grounded.

When you walked barefoot over 4 weeks you never want to wear shoes again. And guess what I don't. I have a great variety of woollen socks now that I am wearing in the office. I just have shoes for the street and when guests come. I am now the official alien at work but with the happiest feet ever.

When you smile and sing in public without any reason then there is something wrong with you. Yoga gives me a happy feeling and even when I am down I am happy in a way. When you don't admit that life sucks then you are strange. Peers and co works even asked if I changed or took any medication :).

Would I do it again? No, I would have done it even sooner :)
Honestly becoming a Yoga teacher is the best thing that could have happened to me. The students that are coming to the classes are the nicest people and teaching does not feel one second as work. My new found passion fuels me everyday.

So lets go for Advanced Yoga Teacher Training and lets see if my life can be turned around one degree more. I invite you to join me on my journey. And as long as you are sending good vibes for an Internet connection in the Ashram there shall be a regular blog...

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