Sunday, 5 January 2014

At the Ashram or what I have signed for

The total journey took a little bit more than fourteen hours from Germany to India. The flight was good and I could even sleep a little. As soon as I felt the warm air and smelled it after getting out of the plane I felt at home.
Here are some pics of the journey.

After two times Yoga vacation in India I decided not only to make Yoga part of my life in daily practice but give the joy and positive effects of Yoga to others.

So I signed in to the Yoga Teacher Training.

The Agenda is the following

05h20 wake up bell
06h00 Satsang (Group meditation, chanting, talk)
07h30 Tea Time
08h00 Asana Class
10h00 Vegetarian Meal
11h00 Karma Yoga
12h30 Coaching Class
01h30 Tea Time
02h00 Lecture
03h30 Asana Class
06h00 Vegetarian Meal
08h00 Satsang
10h30 lights out

Luckily there is some free time between the meal and the Satsang so that I can send my blog from time to time. So ten minutes to light out.... Goodnight

My I introduce my room.

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