Friday, 10 January 2014

Daily routine

Our daily programme is now a routine and the first week is over

05h20 Bell
06h00 Satsang
07h30 Tea
08h00 Asana teaching class
10h00 Brunch
11h00 Karma Yoga cleaning
11h45 Homework collecting
12h00 Chanting lessons
13h30 Tea
14h00 Philosophy and theorie lessons
16h00 Asanas for us
18h00 Dinner
20h00 Satsang
22h30 lights out

And to be honest I love it. You might say that there is no time but there is. There is always time for homework, a chat with the other students. The attitude is fantastic there is no tension despite of the 208 people who are attending the TTC.

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