Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Kids Yoga

At the time where we usually practise our own Asanas we were told to get instructions for the Kids Yoga class. We got instructions all right and guess what happened? As we got pregnant for the pregnancy class we became kids, divided in 20 people we did all the Asanas but in a totally different way. Our teacher gave the instructions as we were kids!!!
Imagine 200 people laughing and doing Asanas as children. So we repeated in the sitting forward stretch, I am sandwich with peanut butter, in the butterfly we said we are beautiful butterflies flying to the sky, the plough was used to play piano, the leg raises to drive an air bicycle. And for the sun salutation he had the most beautiful story which connect all the postures. We had soooooo much fun. I never laughed so hard during a Yoga class before and enjoyed myself during exercise. And NO there are no pics, but you are all invited to join my first adult child class!

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