Sunday, 25 January 2015

How is it going?

The fourth and last week started and we are on the peak of it. Many of us are tiered because we sleep less than 6 hours every night. But the group energy is balancing the lack of sleep, what is good. And I nap on the beach, hoping the books on my face will give me the wisdom during sleeping :).

In Pranayama we are working with the Bandas since a while and we practising the more advanced. In Kabalabhati we retaining the breath for up to two minutes. The Anuloma Viloma goes up to 8, 32, 16 and we practise the Bandas with it. It is quite challenging, on good days its working easily and others not so good. You really have to relax and listen to your body.

The Asana classes are fun and the philosophy classes are really interesting and mind blowing. Furthermore we have speakers from all over the world with interesting programmes during the satsang.

I keep try to keep in the flow, bending and studying :) not thinking about the exame...

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