Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Yogic diet and peanut butter?!

So let me tell you about the food. We do have two meals per day one at 10 a.m. and one at 06 p.m. We do have a buffet for brunch and for dinner which is unusual for an Ashram. And we are allowed to sit on benches and tables which is even more unusual AND we can talk and choose where we sit while eating. When I have my food I sit directly at the ocean :). The food is different everyday, we have greens like salad, and carbs and we do get even fresh bread every day. It is really European except for the peanut butter that is American :). Ah and we have Almond, Soy and normal Milk. So it is sometimes really hard to keep a Yogic diet......

I have to say I do miss the Indian food in spite of this pure luxury and to be honest it kept me much longer full.

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